Building a website in Blocs by Eldar Gezalov

Building a website in Blocs

Learn to build a full website

Build a website in Blocs, step by step

This course includes 24 highly detailed videos covering every step involved in bulding this multi-page website in Blocs. 

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- 24 high quality video tutorials
- Photograph template (the latest version)
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What's included?

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Documents & Resources
The Curriculum
72.6 KB
Photograph Template [Ver. 3.0, BEX incl.]
52.5 MB
1. Course Introduction
2 mins
2. First steps
7 mins
3. Preparing the image files
4 mins
4. Customizing the navigation menu
11 mins
5. Adding, adjusting and duplicating blocs
9 mins
6. Creating and adjusting faded effects
10 mins
7. Advanced customization of buttons
12 mins
8. Social icons and visibility feature
15 mins
9. Using panel brics with classes
11 mins
10. Using column rows with classes
7 mins
11. Customizing buttons using classes
11 mins
12. Creating and adjusting the social icons
7 mins
13. Creating and adjusting custom forms
11 mins
14. Using the custom class manager
6 mins
15. Creating image thumbnails
8 mins
16. Adding and adjusting icons
7 mins
17. Using panel brics for pricing tables
15 mins
18. Creating button overlays
14 mins
19. Creating the portfolio item page
15 mins
20. Applying faded effects to blocs
19 mins
21. Finishing building the landing page
9 mins
22. Connecting all links on the website
8 mins
23. Optimization for mobile devices
21 mins
24. Finalizing and exporting the project
6 mins

Hi, I'm Eldar Gezalov

I have built over a hundred websites, successfully launched multiple online stores and courses. Now, I am helping others do the same by providing quality templates, easy-to-digest video courses, and 1-on-1 on personal training.