Getting Started with Blocs by Eldar Gezalov

Getting Started with Blocs

Learn the basics about using Blocs


This free course includes 14 easy-to-follow videos on Blocs basics

What's included?

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Documents & Resources
The curriculum
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Project files for practice
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Video lessons
1. Introduction
2 mins
2. Exploring the User Interface
3 mins
3. Managing the Project Settings and Files
5 mins
4. Page Settings and Basic SEO
3 mins
5. Adding and Managing the Blocs
4 mins
6. Adding and Managing the Brics
3 mins
7. Adding Image and Video Backgrounds
4 mins
8. Adding and Managing the Text
4 mins
9. Adding and Adjusting the Icons
8 mins
10. Editing the Custom Classes
3 mins
11. Adding and Adjusting the Buttons
5 mins
12. Using the Image Carousels
4 mins
13. Adding the Videos and Links
7 mins
14. Editing the Navigation and Exporting the Project
7 mins

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