Coming on October 28 by Eldar Gezalov

Coming on October 28

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Successful Online Course

Course Master is coming on October 28

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Successful Online Course will be available for purchase for $297 on October 28. If you sign up before the release date, you can save $100.

What's included in thiscourse:

🎥   18 easy-to-digest videos
📄   10 actionable worksheets
🔗   Documents with useful links
📖   PDFs of recap presentation

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What is Course Master?

There is a lot of information on the internet about course creation, and you can spend months learning every single detail about it. Through trial and error, I have developed the perfect working formula for online course creation, and I want to share it with you through Course Master online course.

Course Master includes only useful, direct, and easy to understand step-by-step instructions, which will lead you to create a successful online course in a record short time.

What Will You Learn

Stage 1. Choose a winning course topic  [Get for free]
  • 1-1. The secret to finding a great topic for your course
  • 1-2. Key factors you need to determine first
  • 1-3. Creating great course Title and Description
  • 1-4. Validate your course idea

Stage 2. Create a clear plan for your course
  • 2-1. How to easily create great course outline
  • 2-2. Choosing the platform to host your course
  • 2-3. Pricing your course

Stage 3. Start selling your online course
  • 3-1. Creating a Pre-Sale page for your course
  • 3-2. Start collecting emails
  • 3-3. The basics of three step process
  • 3-4. Support the three groups of potential clients

Stage 4. Create your course content
  • 4-1. How to create great content
  • 4-2. Equipment and software

Stage 5. Launching and optimizing your course
  • 5-1. Publishing your course
  • 5-2. Sending out the launch email
  • 5-3. The biggest secret for success of your course
  • 5-4. Communicating with students

Course Summary & Final Tips
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Free Mini-Course

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What's included?

Video Icon 4 videos File Icon 4 files


Stage 1. Choosing a great course topic
1-1. Find a Winning Topic For Your Course
3 mins
1-2. Answer Four Key Questions
3 mins
1-3. Create Title and Description for Your Course
4 mins
1-4. Validate Your Course Idea
4 mins
Stage 1. PDF Keynote
3.53 MB
1-1. Lesson Worksheet
34.8 KB
1-2. Lesson Worksheet
19.2 KB
1-4. Lesson Resources
169 KB

Hi, I'm Eldar Gezalov

I have built over a hundred websites, successfully launched multiple online stores and courses. Now, I am helping others do the same by providing quality templates, easy-to-digest video courses, and 1-on-1 on personal training.